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Panorama, view, Cabrerra Island, harbour, hills, Majorca, 10.00, order number: 083

Cabrera Island panorama, beautiful blue sea and sky, just off the coast of Majorca.

Order no: 083

Photographers description: When visiting Majorca in the summer of 2007 and again in 2008, I took a trip out to visit an island called Cabrera Island. This is a beautiful island situated just off the coast of Majorca (also known as Mallorca). The island boasts warm blue sea and beautiful green and sandy hills. There is also a small secluded beach. This island is being well preserved, only allowing boats with permits to visit its shores. There is an old fort that you can climb up to the top of, giving spectacular views. I took a series of photographs standing quite high in the hills on one spot while I swiveled around. I then put this into some software to stitch it together, giving this wonderful panorama. This is my favourite photo from the whole website so far as I think it really captures the colours and heart of Cabrera Island and being a panorama, it is just that bit different to an ordinary photograph. Turtle releases are also carried out on Cabrera Island.


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