Portfolio of Work

Below are examples of work I have completed over the years. Some of this is from my private work completed whilst studying at University and after graduating, some work is from University projects and others are from my current full-time employment and personal sketches. Simply click on a thumbnail to see the full picture and the information about it.


Whilst working at Skybargains I have created web banners, website designs and logos. The below images are examples of some of the work I have completed in the last few months.

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Gift Voucher - Marwell Zoological Park

I designed this as a birthday gift for a friend as Marwell do not supply their own gift vouchers.
I feel that the design is strong and that the colours are relevant using the base black, bearing in mind the current
styling for the zoo. The gold stands out making the voucher seem like it is very valuable.

This was only designed and printed for personal use, not for Marwell.

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QTVR - The Manor House Carrot Thief

During my final year at University we were given an open brief to create something that combined skills we had learnt through the 3 year course. I had an
interest in QuckTime VR equipment and software and I decided to create a mystery game where the user can move around rooms and click on doors to go to different rooms and outside. The idea is for the user to discover the Manor House Carrot Thief. The top three images show the photography when taken straight from the QTVR equipment. The two images at the bottom of the page are the QTVR images straightened out before being converted into 360degree movies. These then have interactivity added to them.
Please click the image to the right to view a completed QTVR movie.

All photography by myself.

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Rokslutt - Promotional website and HTML e-mail

As part of some private work I completed whilst studying at University I was asked to design a promotional website for a new wacky kitchen. I kept the design simple and based it around the colours and design of the kitchen. The HTML e-mail was to advertise the kitchen within a magazine/newspaper.

Photography not by myself.

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3D animation - Little Red Riding Hood

For my Final Major at University I was given an open brief. I decided to create a 3D animated educational game. I created this in a story form using Little Red Riding Hood as the base. The child learns morals and reading skills by directing the character around the board choosing what should happen next. Correct choices teaches morals and gives the child a piece of the story and a token as a reward. I tested this at a Primary School and the results proved a success.

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Bleu Blanc Rouge - Website and business card

Another website I created as part of private work I completed during studying at University was for a new local small business. It needed to promote a French translation service. They also wanted a business card designed. I kept this simple and designed like the website but I feel that they wanted too much information on the card.

Photography not by myself

Top interactive banner
Orginal Final to their specifications
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Logo Design - Dorset Local Pharmaceutical Committee

As part of the private work I completed whilst at University I designed a logo for the Dorset Local Pharmaceutical Committee. The first image is the final design and the other two are development designs.

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